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Stores Inventory Features

  • Warehouse inventory tracking
  • Multiple warehouses supported
  • Remote requisition entry available
  • Full issue control
  • Full back-issue control
  • Full back-order control and tracking
  • Stores catalog produced
  • Item, location and vendor histories
  • Economic order and re-order levels
  • Receiving fully supported
  • Automatic average pricing or fixed pricing
  • Full vendor history
  • Zero cost warehouse concept supported
  • Damaged goods tracking
  • Pick lists, receiving lists
  • Full on-line tracking of Stores items
  • Quick function key access to all programs
  • Quick check-stock screen
  • Automatic fulfillment of back issues
  • Security limits users to their own site
  • Three levels of approval supported

Stores Inventory Integration

  • Financial System
  • Purchasing

Customer Benefits

Exception reporting of items below minimum stocking levels reduces likelihood of running out of items and saves district money by not ordering items before needed.

Optional verification of account codes ensures items are not posted to incorrect accounts.


The Stores Inventory system assists the District purchasing agent in acquiring, disbursing and controlling stores inventory.

Stores maintenance is done on-line giving timely visibility of inventory information. Full integration to the General Ledger system ensures automatic posting of costs to appropriate accounts in the financial system.

Sample Reports On-line Updates and Inquiries

Sample Reports

  • Back-issue Listing / Status
  • Back-order Listing / Status
  • Credit Transaction Listing
  • Issue Transaction Listing
  • Stores Issue Delivery Slips
  • Record of Stock Adjustment
  • Print Stock History
  • Stock Item Activity Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Stores Order Transaction Listing
  • Stores Order Status Report
  • Stores Order Receipt Transactions
  • Store Item Catalog

On-line Updates and Inquiries

  • Update Stores Adjustments
  • Post Credits for Stores Issues
  • Add, Change and Delete Stores Orders
  • Update Stock Masterfile
  • Add, Change and Delete Store Items
  • Post Stores Receipts
  • Update Stores Parameter File
  • Set Warehouse Surcharge
  • Adjust Unit Price Charged to Sites

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