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Human Resources Features

  • Extensive demographics
  • User-defined security throughout
  • Full education and teaching history
  • Detailed skill tracking
  • Subject and site preference
  • Certification tracking
  • Work history tracking
  • Comprehensive medical information
  • Single source data entry
  • Equal opportunity reporting
  • Extensive leave and absence tracking
  • Emergency data information
  • Staff analysis reports
  • Contract generation
  • Termination information
  • State-required reports
  • Retirement projection
  • Applicant tracking
  • Substitute tracking
  • Absence tracking
  • Credential tracking
  • Personnel assignment tracking
  • Personnel action forms
  • Personnel downloader (to the PC)
  • Employee evaluations
  • Misassignment reports

Human Resources Integration

  • Salary Schedule / Benefit Projection
  • Position Control
  • Payroll
  • Budget Development
  • Student Administration

Customer Benefits

Information obtained on an applicant is automatically transferred to a permanent record when employee is hired, saving hours of repeated data entry.

Data indicates true staffing needs based on absence history and substitute usage.

Reduces misassignment of teaching staff through full qualification, certification, work and job history.

Reduces administrative costs by facilitating effective planning for substitute needs.

Specifically designed for K-12.


A human resources system designed to meet the needs of school districts and county offices of education. Tightly and fully integrated with position control, payroll and other ancillary modules.

Human Resources Reports and On-line Inquiries

Sample Reports

  • Vacation and Sick Leave Totals by Employee or Leave Code
  • Pattern Absence Reports
  • Absence Analysis by Type
  • Employees Exceeding "Cap" Limit
  • Absence Tracking and Auto-docking of Payroll
  • Employment Status
  • Teaching Experience In and Out of District
  • Institution and Degree Received
  • Additional College and Inservice Units
  • EEO-5 Staff
  • Ethnic Status and Sex Distribution
  • Age Distribution
  • Budget Analysis
  • K-12 Staffing Update
  • Seniority Posting
  • Employee Name and Address List by District or County
  • Affirmative Action
  • Employee Months Paid
  • Employee Bargaining Unit List
  • Employee Salary Schedule List
  • Staff Demographic Information
  • Certificated Employee List by Work Location
  • Employee TB Expiration by Work Location
  • Retirement Projection Survey

On-line Updates and Inquiries

  • Absence Information Maintenance
  • Add Employees or Applicants
  • Update Work Calendars
  • Key Contract Information
  • Update Personnel Data
  • Personnel Masterfiles
  • Institution and Degree Update
  • Skills and Credentials Update
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