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Position Control Features

  • Multiple position tracking
  • Open job tracking
  • Job sharing supported
  • Multiple positions per employee
  • Up to 24 account distributions per position
  • Full position requirements: credentials, education, special skills, experience, test results
  • Integrated with applicant tracking
  • Automatic FTE and dollar distributions
  • Identifies position supervisor
  • Position Control report writer
  • Foundation for payroll and salary/benefit projections
  • Completely date/calendar driven
  • FTE control with optional overlapping assignment support
  • Projected salary computed on-line/off-line

Position Control Integration

  • Human Resources
  • Budget Development
  • Payroll
  • Financial Base

Customer Benefits

Prevents district personnel from hiring without authorization.

Guards against over-assignment of a position.

Eliminates the time-consuming task of getting information to site administrators.


Position Control addresses many needs of the Human Resources department of a district or county office of education. This system provides the means to transfer salary and benefits projections into the financial system during budgeting.

Position Control provides the user the ability to closely control the hiring process to board-approved positions.

Sample Reports

  • Positions Listing
  • Open Position Listing
  • Positions by Site
  • Position Control Report Writer

On-line Updates and Inquiries

  • Maintain Authorized Positions
  • Maintain Requirements for Positions
  • Maintain Position FTE
  • Maintain Accounts for Position
  • Link to Personnel
  • Maintain Salary and Benefit Information
  • Position Status (Open, Reducing, Rollover)
  • Maintain Position Date Range
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