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HSS uses this web page to upload Customer Education seminar and webinar materials and information.

HSS Customers are welcome to download materials by file name from this page.


Download this file (2019-05-09_QSSUG WEBR_FY Transition (End User)_Presentation.pdf)2019-05-09_QSSUG WEBR_FY Transition (End User)_Presentation.pdf[ ]2538 Kb5/8/2019 07:31
Download this file (2019-05-09_QSSUG WEBR_Fiscal Year Transition_Flyer.pdf)2019-05-09_QSSUG WEBR_Fiscal Year Transition_Flyer.pdf[ ]409 Kb5/2/2019 07:54
Download this file (2019-04-11_QSSUG WEBR_Financial Reports_Presentation.pdf)2019-04-11_QSSUG WEBR_Financial Reports_Presentation.pdf[ ]3745 Kb4/8/2019 12:45
Download this file (2019-04-24_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-04-24_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]527 Kb3/29/2019 13:12
Download this file (2019-04-24_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer.pdf)2019-04-24_QSSUG SEMR_Position Control_Flyer.pdf[ ]483 Kb3/29/2019 13:11
Download this file (2019-04-23_HSS SEMR_Fiscal Year Transition_Flyer.pdf)2019-04-23_HSS SEMR_Fiscal Year Transition_Flyer.pdf[ ]560 Kb3/29/2019 13:09
Download this file (2019-04-23_HSS SEMR_Fiscal Year Transition_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-04-23_HSS SEMR_Fiscal Year Transition_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]597 Kb3/29/2019 13:06
Download this file (2019-03-28_QSSUG WEBR_Personnel_Downloader_Presentation.pdf)2019-03-28_QSSUG WEBR_Personnel_Downloader_Presentation.pdf[ ]1193 Kb3/27/2019 05:17
Download this file (2019-04-11_QSSUG WEBR_QSS-OASIS Financial Reports_Flyer.pdf)2019-04-11_QSSUG WEBR_QSS-OASIS Financial Reports_Flyer.pdf[ ]406 Kb3/21/2019 15:35
Download this file (2019-03-28_QSSUG WEBR_QSS-OASIS Personnel Downloader_Flyer.pdf)2019-03-28_QSSUG WEBR_QSS-OASIS Personnel Downloader_Flyer.pdf[ ]407 Kb3/17/2019 07:42
Download this file (2019-03-19_QSSUG SEMR_Absence Tracking_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-03-19_QSSUG SEMR_Absence Tracking_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]714 Kb2/27/2019 07:59
Download this file (2019-03-19_QSSUG SEMR_Absence Tracking_Flyer.pdf)2019-03-19_QSSUG SEMR_Absence Tracking_Flyer.pdf[ ]668 Kb2/27/2019 07:56
Download this file (2019-02-21_QSSUG SEMR_Payroll_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-02-21_QSSUG SEMR_Payroll_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]521 Kb1/28/2019 15:25
Download this file (2019-02-21_QSSUG SEMR_Payroll_Flyer.pdf)2019-02-21_QSSUG SEMR_Payroll_Flyer.pdf[ ]473 Kb1/28/2019 15:23
Download this file (2019-01-15_QSSUG WEBR_Req Routing Setup_Presentation.pdf)2019-01-15_QSSUG WEBR_Req Routing Setup_Presentation.pdf[ ]2139 Kb1/11/2019 15:47
Download this file (2019-01-15_QSSUG WEBR_Req Routing Setup_Flyer.pdf)2019-01-15_QSSUG WEBR_Req Routing Setup_Flyer.pdf[ ]415 Kb1/8/2019 08:18
Download this file (2018-12-20_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2018_Presentation.pdf)2018-12-20_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2018_Presentation.pdf[ ]2751 Kb12/20/2018 12:03
Download this file (2018-12-21_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2018_Presentation.pdf)2018-12-21_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2018_Presentation.pdf[ ]2180 Kb12/19/2018 08:18
Download this file (2019-01-09_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement-Payroll_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-01-09_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement-Payroll_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]537 Kb12/18/2018 07:37
Download this file (2019-01-09_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement-Payroll_Flyer.pdf)2019-01-09_QSSUG SEMR_Retirement-Payroll_Flyer.pdf[ ]486 Kb12/18/2018 07:36
Download this file (2019-01-08_HSS SEMR_Budget Development_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2019-01-08_HSS SEMR_Budget Development_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]429 Kb12/18/2018 07:33
Download this file (2019-01-08_HSS SEMR_Budget Development_Flyer.pdf)2019-01-08_HSS SEMR_Budget Development_Flyer.pdf[ ]391 Kb12/18/2018 07:32
Download this file (2018-12-21_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer.pdf)2018-12-21_HSS WEBR_1099 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer.pdf[ ]391 Kb12/10/2018 17:00
Download this file (2018-12-20_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer.pdf)2018-12-20_HSS WEBR_W2 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer.pdf[ ]390 Kb12/10/2018 16:46
Download this file (2018-11-29_QSSUG WEBR_Stores-Initial Setup and Security Options_Presentation.pdf)2018-11-29_QSSUG WEBR_Stores-Initial Setup and Security Options_Presentation.pdf[ ]2293 Kb11/29/2018 08:48
Download this file (2018-11-27_QSSUG WEBR_Fixed Assets-Initial Setup and Security Options_Presentati)2018-11-27_QSSUG WEBR_Fixed Assets-Initial Setup and Security Options_Presentati[ ]2524 Kb11/28/2018 09:46
Download this file (2018-11-15_QSSUG_WEBR_New Features in QCC_Presentation.pdf)2018-11-15_QSSUG_WEBR_New Features in QCC_Presentation.pdf[ ]2326 Kb11/15/2018 09:41
Download this file (2018-12-06_HSS SEMR_W2-1099 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer Only.pdf)2018-12-06_HSS SEMR_W2-1099 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer Only.pdf[ ]126 Kb11/7/2018 14:28
Download this file (2018-12-06_HSS SEMR_W2-1099 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer-Reg.pdf)2018-12-06_HSS SEMR_W2-1099 for Tax Year 2018_Flyer-Reg.pdf[ ]140 Kb11/7/2018 14:28
Download this file (2018-11-29_QSSUG WEBR_Stores Setup_Flyer.pdf)2018-11-29_QSSUG WEBR_Stores Setup_Flyer.pdf[ ]144 Kb11/7/2018 13:47
Download this file (2018-11-27_QSSUG WEBR_Fixed Assets Setup_Flyer.pdf)2018-11-27_QSSUG WEBR_Fixed Assets Setup_Flyer.pdf[ ]145 Kb11/7/2018 13:18
Download this file (2018-11-15_QSSUG WEBR_QSS-OASIS New Features_Flyer.pdf)2018-11-15_QSSUG WEBR_QSS-OASIS New Features_Flyer.pdf[ ]143 Kb11/7/2018 12:49
Download this file (2018-2019 Workshop Schedule.pdf)2018-2019 Workshop Schedule.pdf[ ]48 Kb10/30/2018 09:13
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